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When used correctly, condoms are 98% effective in protecting you from certain STIs and pregnancy. St. Louis has many places where you can access FREE condoms throughout the region. Check out local resources and facts below!

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How To Wear a Condom

Do’s and Dont’s

Follow these good condom practices to make sure they are as effective as possible.

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Store condoms in a cool, dry place.

Put the condom on before your penis or sex toy makes contact with your partner’s mouth or genitals.

Check for tears before using your condom.

Check for expiration dates.

Use water or silicone-based lube (if you’re using latex condoms).

Put on a new condom if it breaks or falls off.


Use expired condoms.

Store them in your wallet or purse. (You don’t want to store condoms anywhere that’s too hot because they might dry out and break easier.)

Use it inside out (you can tell it’s inside out if it doesn’t easily roll down the penis when you’re putting it on.)

Use an internal and external condom at the same time (rubbing the two materials together can cause them to break or tear).

Use latex condoms with oils (that means no coconut oil or baby oil or oil-based lube).

Use more than one condom at a time.

Reuse condoms.

Internal condoms

Internal Condoms- are an alternative to regular condoms. However, people of any gender can use them for vaginal or anal sex. These are made of a nitrile (soft plastic) non-latex cover and outer ring, and a polyurethane inner ring. There’s also a silicone-based lubricant on both the inside and outside of the internal condom.

What’s different compared with external condoms?

Instead of going on the penis, internal condoms go inside your vagina for pregnancy prevention or into the vagina or anus for protection from STI.

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