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Living with HIV


New Diagnosis

Receiving an HIV diagnosis can be life-changing. You may feel many emotions sadness, guilt, or anger. You need to take time to process and get needed support during this time. The Health Stop is here to support you!

Get Linked To Care

Linkage to HIV care will ensure you receive the best quality support for your health journey. Linkage to Care is here to connect you to case management, a medical doctor, getting your medication, financial assistance, support groups, etc. Call or text Linkage to Care at 314-356-0200.

Start HIV Treatment 

Getting on  HIV treatment (Anti Retroviral Therapy/ART)   as soon as possible is an effective way of controlling HIV’s impact on the body.  HIV medication helps lower the amount of virus in the body. Lowering the amount of virus allows people living with HIV to live long, healthy lives by adhering to HIV medications.


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